Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Diary of a Wimpy kid

Day 1
1) How does Greg feel about writing a diary?
It wasn't his idea it was his mom's. Also he said that its not a diary but a journal.
2) What are the reasons Greg agreed on writing his diary?
Because he figured that later on when he's rich and famous he'll have better things to do than answer people's stupid questions all day long.
3) What is Greg's opinion on the seating in class?
That day it really stunk for him in the home room, he got stuck with some teacher.
4) Why sitting next to girls does not seem a very nice option to Greg?
Because girls don't let you copy of them which, could be a real problem in a class like Pre Algebra 

Day 2
* Tell in your own words what happened to Greg on the first day of his summer vocation.
His brother Rodrick woke him up in the middle of the night dressed up in his school clothes and told him that he had slept through the whole summer, but luckily he had woken him up in time for the first day of school. Then he went to make some breakfast. Then his dad came down and saw him eating cheerios at 3 a.m.

Day 3
*Do you think it would be nice to have Greg in your class? Why? (Consider his behaviour with P.U.)
Not really because he would try to be cool and all. And he would pick on people he could
*How does Greg feel about his younger brother?
He doesn't like him. Because parents don't punish him for example: he used a bunch of magic markers to decorate his door. And now hes stuck with a horrible drawing staring at him every day.

Day 4
*What's up with the Cheese Touch?
It's basically like Cooties. If you get touched with the Cheese Touch then you have it until you pass it on to somebody else.*Why did Greg tape his fingers?
So he wouldn't get the Cheese Touch. The result of that was getting a D in handwriting, but he says it was worth it.
Day 5
*Does Greg enjoy Saturdays?
Not really, because he can't stand the taste of his breath. He's not like the other kids he doesn't watch cartoons early in the morning. 
*Why wasn't his best friend mentioned till this day?
Because he kind of ticked hi off on the first day of school with something he said at the end of the day when they were getting their stuff from their lockers.
Day 6
* What worries Greg? Why?
Greg is worried about going to Bishop Garrigan. He doesn't think that he would survive the first day at Bishop Garrigan. He has hopes that dad will forget about it until highschool
Day 7
* Does Greg enjoy his mornings before school? Why?
No because when he woke up at Monday morning, he thought it was summer and that is a bad way to start a school day.
* How did Greg try to get into his preferred reading group?
He did his best to muff up his screening test to make sure he didn't get put in the hard group. Another thing he did to make sure he didn't get put in the hard group was to make sure he didn't try to hard on my end-of-the-year- essay.

Monday, December 16, 2013

One morning a water-rat walked out its hole. The ducks were swimming around in the pond with they're mother. She was teaching them how to stand on they're head. But the little ducks were not paying attention to they're mother. The water-rat said that the children were disobedient and that they should be drowned. Then the mother said parents cannot be to patient. Water-rat replied "I am not a family man" because he has never married. He thought that friendship was a lot better than love, he doesn't know anything in the world that could be better than a devoted friendship. A green linnet who was sitting on a branch asked the rat what are the duties of a devoted friend. Water-rat explained that the devoted friend should be devoted to him and that made the green linnet to tell the story of the devoted friend.
 Once upon there lived an honest little fellow named Hans. He had many friends but the most devoted friend was Hugh The Miller. Indeed, so devoted was the rich Miller to little Hans, that be would never go by his garden without leaning over the wall and plucking a large nosegay, or a handful of sweet herbs, or filling his pockets with plums and cherries if it was the fruit season. The Miller never visits Hans at winter time.
 When winter was over The Miller went to Hans house. Hans was very happy. During winter Hans had nothing to eat unless some dried pears so he had to sell his silver buttons and his wheelbarrow. The Miller said that he will give his old, broken wheelbarrow. Now The Miller returned home with a plank of wood for his barn roof.
The next day The Miller went to Little Hans and asked him to carry a large bag of flour to the market to sell. The trip took him long enough so that he couldn't water his plants.
In a stormy really strong wind night The Miller cam to Hans to as him to get the doctor he gave him a stick but did not give his lantern because it was valuable to him. Hans went to the doctor waked him up and sent him to Miller's house. Hans turn the wrong way and fell into a deep hole and drowned.
The green linnet asked the water-rat did it understand the moral of the story. Unfortunatly she did not understand. 


1. What were the animals talking about in the beginning of the story?
They were talking about society and discussing what is a devoted friendship.

2.What does the author want to tell the reader?
That you wouldn't use yours friends. You should be equal with them. If a friend helps you you should help him to.

3.What are the animals discussing at the end of the story? What are they're emotions ?
They were discussing about the moral of the story. The water-rat did not understand the moral she would understand it if she would listen.

4. What are your thoughts after story?
The story was pretty interesting. It's kind of sad that Hans died.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Diamond arm" a russian movie. The main character is Yuri Nikulin one of the funniest russian actors that ever lived. Yuri Nikulin plays Semyon Semyonovich Gorbunkov. He sings a song about rabbits. He was a ordinary citizen going on a tour in other countries. During the tour he accidentally falls on the by saying their password by not even knowing. Then they take him into the pharmacy. They place a cast around his arm and put the contraband jewels inside the cast. And thats how he got into the contraband business. After he gets backs to the ship he sees the captain of the ship and then they talk about the cast on his hand. Captain tells him to just live like nothing happened. After that he returns to his wife and kids he lies what has happened to his arm. Police and the captain said that he has to tell everyone who asks "I slipped, fell, I fainted, I woke up, and there was a cast on my hand ".Most of the plot are various attempts of The Chief's inept henchmen, Kozodoyev and Lyolik, to lure Gorbunkov into a situation where they can quietly, without a wet job, remove the cast and reclaim the contraband jewels. But  Gorbunkov has changed his cast to a one without the jewels because police took them. After they got him and tied him to a tree with their chief. they understanded that theyre jewels are gone they tried to run but the police got them. In the time being  Gorbunkov broke his leg. And everyone lived happily ever after.

Questions and answers:

1.This movie is fun because of all the funny randomness in the film. Especially
when  Gorbunkov and Gennadiy go fishing or to a restaurant.

2.Of course  Semyon Semyonovich Gorbunkov, Gennadiy Kozodoyev and Lyolik. Because theyre funny and Lyolik has his weird laugh. They made me laugh every time.

3. There is nothing bad with this movie or al teast for me.

4.I wouldnt change anything because its too funny just watching it how Gennadiy tries to stop Gorbunkov  from singing so they could go outside.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I only watch good movies . I love comedy like "Shurik adventures" and "Operation y". There are a lot of good different movies "Police academy"A funny video from the movie.
My favorite actor of the police academy is Michael Winslow.